Tenderer than the tiniest tangerine and more available than bargain basement fried rice, one can only surmise that the weight of this whole Edgar-spinning habaƱero factory would equal that of a mid-grade mouse (at least after said mouse has purged itself of the latest fad diet food). If that’s not the case, then the sabotage Continue reading Factory

The Wharved Connection — Episode 2

Hey there! It’s time once again for The Wharved Connection! This episode features work from Summer of 2016, and includes: Lake Uponamawoc Biff and Buffy Pinto Interstellar Reception Hall The poems are below if you wish to read along. Lake Uponamawoc Handier than a set of dull steak knives and more buoyant than the Duke Continue reading The Wharved Connection — Episode 2