*AUDIO* Quick (Tasty) Morsels 3: No-Equity Limbo

NO-EQUITY LIMBO Interest only reigns with the crack of that candy rope whip on the back of an immigrant jelly bean. That’s all the interest we can afford at this time, and our sweet tooth will just have to wait. Don’t you understand? This is crucial information we’ve come to obtain, and it’s important that Continue reading *AUDIO* Quick (Tasty) Morsels 3: No-Equity Limbo

*AUDIO* Quick (Tasty) Morsels 1: None of a Your Beeswax, Sonny

Here’s the first of a series of revisited poems that are read without commentary, very minimally. I found difficulty with the podcast format, confining myself to just the extended recording. But then I realized that people enjoy variety, and I enjoy working on a variety of styles on a regular basis, never restricting myself to Continue reading *AUDIO* Quick (Tasty) Morsels 1: None of a Your Beeswax, Sonny

The Wharved Connection — Episode 2

Hey there! It’s time once again for The Wharved Connection! This episode features work from Summer of 2016, and includes: Lake Uponamawoc Biff and Buffy Pinto Interstellar Reception Hall The poems are below if you wish to read along. Lake Uponamawoc Handier than a set of dull steak knives and more buoyant than the Duke Continue reading The Wharved Connection — Episode 2