Done with It

I leapt atop a cereal box then realized it wouldn’t support my weight– I sank into the Cap’n Chocula, lucky to miss scraping my knees on the crunchy saccharine goodness. The issue of scale then presented itself and I burst forth from the cardboard capsule (mysteriously missing the plastic liner recommended by the FDA and Continue reading Done with It

Sailor Parry

In the midst of a blight brought forth by injustice, Sailor Parry abandoned his bow in favor of an idiosyncratic approach buoyed by the near-legitimate agency with which so many people squabble on a near-daily basis. Suffice it to say that he’s miserable now. The life on the sea was a demanding one, but nothing Continue reading Sailor Parry


The ever-present Rumpelstiltskin type of orangeade seems to have no connection to the ingenuity of a person concerned with a corrupt bargain and everything to do with a personal vendetta to be meted out over the course of several decades, if not millennia. Such a skip in discourse may only lead some people to believe Continue reading Roses