T: “I’m sick and tired of this situation, constantly running around and spitting out rhetoric at every person I see, able-bodied or otherwise. Who knows, if they can’t perform daring feats on a high wire, that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to recruit that kind of talent.” R: “What the hell are you yammering Continue reading XCIX


Cheech Marin’s “Born in East L.A.” Blares over the PA system, and the nuns—usually solemn, devout in their convent habits—bust moves across the cloisters, moving more freely than they’d ever thought was possible, all thanks to the new, improved, younger (more liberal) mother superior. Once known as a lover of music festivals, head shops and Continue reading XCVIII


Made to nobody’s specifications: one pair of britches sewn by the CFO of a Fortune 500 company while journeying through the Kalahari via camel and drinking nothing but orzo for an entire weekend. There is no price set for this garment, The maker creates pieces during celebratory times and gauges interest for them at animal Continue reading XCVII


Jarvis the penguin can fly like a condor in his dreams— though he’s never seen one— and can’t separate that fantasy from waking life, never once having felt the heat of the Mojave. His vaunted perspective Is ludicrous to all the others since his partner in crime was eaten by a sea lion going about Continue reading XCVI


Take an iguana and toss it at a tree to see if it sticks. If it manages to dig in its claws and clamber up to the canopy, much fortune will come to us in the future. If it digs in its claws and holds that position, we will need to further ponder our next Continue reading XCV