All of a Sudden

He’s resurrected!
it’s truly a marigold.
But you know what?
It’s this very kind of
garden-variety entendre
that I’ve been meaning to avoid here,
amongst all the sordid
ne’er-do-well activity
that seems to define our times
all of a sudden.

Wasn’t integrity of character
ever something to strive toward?
Maybe not in this system of
checks [cashed] and balances [slashed].

Though perhaps I’m as guilty
as any other layabout milquetoast out there,
lounging around the house
sipping my pink lemonade martinis
(my live-in mixologist’s proprietary recipe)
and grousing like one of my commoner counterparts.

The Hand Towels of Obscurity

We continue to linger
like the lint
in the trap of our imperial leaders,

awaiting the day
when the door
opens and an air-laden scoop digs us

out from under the hand towels
of obscurity.
From there, our only hope is

to be placed on a suitable pedestal
and hewn into
adorable pet-like creatures,

so we may be given a loving home and
provided with
adequate nutrition for the rest of

our natural lives (or until
that owner dies,
whichever happens to come first).