We don’t yet know the extent of the changes soon to be revealed by the League of Pepper Scrapers. So far, as detailed in their latest press release, poblanos are up for a serious upgrade and scotch bonnets will continue their dominance through the end of the quarter. JalapeƱos have been noticeably absent in talks, something we suspect stems from an unspectacular showing for nigh on ten years now.

Yes, tomorrow may bring us a bevy of answers to our very impatient questions, energizing this oft-forgotten art and carrying it through to the 21st Century–finally.

Chemical Laundrymates

Wee Chemical Laundrymates
skip under extension cord hammocks,
content to while away their youth
in an mundane–and rather uncouth–fashion.

The parents never stuck around
to check the progression of their progeny,
evolution’s made their job
easier than most folks’.

All they have to do
is ensure the forward momentum
of their species, then they can
vacation around the world
without a care to be found,
living out their golden years with zeal
renting catamarans and pontoons.

They’re seemingly always on open water,
they seek it out instinctually
and with a vengeance, especially
when their days of procreation have ceased.

If it ever came down
to floating in a pond
versus protecting offspring from predators,
recreation would win every time.

Hedgeling Wanderers!).

Fiddling like a riddled old gatekeeper
on a spoon query maintenance jag of sorts,
I turned my leg on a pivot while
anticipating the move of my well-positioned adversary.

Needless to say,
I threw off a good belt of hangtooth crown medleys that afternoon
(you should have seen the hedgeling wanderers!).