Hellbent – 23:41GMT

A number of hellbent underbelly rectangles help burden health food retailers just trying to make a decent living for once in their lives. They tell about an ungainly appearance stemming from a tinkerer who mandates that we “belt out the checkers, belt out the checkers,” while convenient end-of-weekend towel boys spell constant effortless tabernacle choirs in the moonlight. Well, we know however you dip the bell jar gasket, it invariably holds sentimental value for the bold-faced pumpkin monger who dices mosquito nets like there’s no tomorrow for their kind. Time cards replete with hummingbird moccasins file under federal standards, just like everyone else.

Even if I do regain the use of my arms, I don’t think they’ll function the way they used to. Thanks a lot, guys.


Tetris mongers sequester greatness behind their bold stares of indifference in the face of the ever-widening disposition that’s associated with glorified females of every genus, towards what good we do not know, though our key musicians tell us there’s a gypsy stalker walking among us. However long they stalk is a question for a time when birds speak as American tourists stealing glimpses at rarified monuments, disturbingly beautiful, the colors unpredictable, tanning corneas with a vigorous display of burning Monopoly money—green, blue, yellow and, of course, beige, the color of our omnipresent dominators who have become quite taken with keeping the poorer men down for whatever reason they can come up with on such short notice. As a result of this conditioning, the collective staff workers of these immoral superiors have become quite rebellious. For example, they should know to knock before entering the study, lest their tracheas burst from a cane to the neck as they turn around to shut the door they just opened a second ago while thinking, “you know, I probably should have knocked on that door, but he’s probably not in there anyway; at a boardroom, yes, but his study at ten thirty on a Tuesday morning is preposterous! And of course this comes on the heels of the day both my hands were severely broken from an unfortunate mowing incident. I was due to receive a pay raise, but instead had to settle for an extended hospital stay and a get well card.”