My Ego Dictates

My ego dictates that I write this right now, and I will not fight it this time. Whenever I take up arms against this curious opponent, I inevitably end up turning the gun on myself. My ego is a tricky thingРit would prefer to exist as unlabeled and free-flowing, though I must give it traits (being the human I am). My ego likes long walks on the beach (though, more accurately, my ego likes having acknowledged taking a long walk on the beach and making fun of me for being so clich̩).

Statement. I Can Say

Gorilla suits
are really no longer
a fashion statement.

I can say with confidence
that next season
will involve
more of a panda motif,

though I haven’t a clue
as to which bodily region
will be more highly favored
by designers when deciding
how best to market these new products.