Straitjacket: V-17X

The protagonist in this series possesses an affinity with the English language. It is unknown how he landed in this situation, but upon examination of the materials, he seems to be an individual who tends to bite off more than he can chew. He shall remain anonymous, going by V-17X instead of a traditional moniker. He doesn’t say his own name a single time, which is quite odd, considering the sheer number of words he uttered throughout his time wearing a straitjacket, confined to a padded room. His voice is the only one in the entire sequence of pieces. It is believed that the files are restricted to V-17X’s voice as a way for the authorities of the experiment to avoid any kind of incrimination for their involvement.

The audio files and their transcriptions were found in the New Mexico desert, simply labeled: Straitjacket: V-17X. It is unknown how many other individuals were subjected to this treatment; this is the only record of such an experiment ever taking place, which begs the question: was this archive lost or planted?

Regardless of why or how the information ended up where it did, we have access to it now. It’s a fascinating study of the ingenuity of the artistic human brain when faced with complete deprivation of any means of expression aside from the voice.

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