Purely by Accident

I kicked over the iced tea
purely by accident
and along came a mole man,
or a man made of moles,
I can’t quite recollect
much these days anyway.
What with the internet and all,
there’s so much to be discussed,
or discus-ed, tossed
into the breeze
and left on a whim
without the cream filling.

So I drank
the rest of the tea
left in the cup and stood up.
I proclaimed to the world
that today is just one
of many such days,
and it’s only a matter of time
before all those days
catch up with you.

I sat back down uncomfortably
because of the pool
forming at my feet.
My left leg quivered
and I rose once again,
wetting my shoes
in what was once
an important beverage.

I laughed to the Gods,
“My word,
what an insufferable foe
this liquid has proven to be.
I must sidestep this situation
and allow for more space.”

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