Equally Afraid

I’m always on the defensive
because I’m afraid.
Afraid of what, I never know.
I’m just equally afraid of everything.

No, wait, that’s a copout.

I’m definitely more afraid
of certain things than others,
like cherry fruit pies
as opposed to swarms of bees.

I suppose I’m also
less afraid of the chicken dance
than I am of fuzzy teddy bears,
and lime wedges definitely irk me less
than jumbo coffee mugs.

But really, outside of those things,
I can pretty much say
I’m equally afraid of everything else.


Author: Aidan Badinger

Wharved.com I am a poet. I write poems. Titles and subjects and subsequent readership are all part of one fragmented figment of our universe, and it's nice that we take it so seriously. Hopefully the craft remains and grows stronger for our children.

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