Sink the Ship

There have to be
more ways to sink a ship
than by pelting it
with thousands of turtle shells,
but I can’t think of any.

I mean, we can pelt it
with live armadillos
or unripe durians
to achieve a similar effect,
but why are we trying
to sink the ship anyway?

Aren’t there people aboard?
If it was empty, devoid of life,
I’d say go ahead, pelt away.
But you just know there’s a crew
on board, and do they deserve
a pelting? Maybe a few of them,
but it’s unfair to sink the ship
just because of a few bad apples.

Let’s hold off
on collecting those turtle shells,
the turtles will make
better use of them anyway.


Author: Aidan Badinger I am a poet. I write poems. Titles and subjects and subsequent readership are all part of one fragmented figment of our universe, and it's nice that we take it so seriously. Hopefully the craft remains and grows stronger for our children.

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