The Living Day

I need a little jay
like I need the living day.

It doesn’t repair itself,
now does it? Don’t think so.

I need a sickly stray
like I need the living day.

Oh, you don’t wanna mess
with success when it finds you.

I need a three-hour stay
like I need the living day.

Have a pan of old brownies, on me.
Taste better when they’re free.

I need a better way
like I need the living day.

Take these socks, I won’t be
needing them where I’m going.

I need some time away
like I need the living day.

Well, this didn’t solve anything,
now did it? Aw shucks.

Just for the Moment

Total responsibility is not for the scrutinized person to fear, or anyone else for that matter. Now that I have your attention, I’ll take a mosquito from the top shelf and borrow a set of raisin blades for the moment, just for the moment. Now we get some work done, and we go everywhere that needs a bolted spit of broccoli or two, not always usual or indeed even warranted.

These Toads

Hallmarks of any good industry, these toads. You can set your watch by these toads, whether underwater or not. How much credit do we give these creatures, and why haven’t we cared to give them more credit than we already have? I imagine it comes from a lack of perspective, an unwillingness to see the need for these little hopping beasts. It goes from bad to worse when the toads are made to compete with one another. Do not pit toads against each other, I learned that the hard way. Just let them be themselves without weapons or rage, and you’ll come to appreciate why we have these toads here in the first place.