R: This tiramisu is stale. Any chance you have something fresher lying around?

J: This tiramisu is only two hours old, sir. We make ours fresh every day.

R: Two hours, huh? I guess my palate is sensitive to restaurant bullshit.

J: Excuse me, sir?

R: You made it two hours ago and threw it in the fridge. I’m not eating this.

J: I’ll be happy to take it back and replace it with a new dessert, on the house.

R: Yeah, you’d like that. Some four hour-old chocolate cake, yesterday’s cannoli. You’ll stop at nothing to humiliate your customers’ good tastes. I’m outta here.

J: Sir, your check!

R: You can handle it. [huffs away]

J: No, I can’t afford $400 for a single meal when I work for tips five times a week! Pompous bastard.

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