Diner Debate

It happens all the time, sugar pie. Everything we do on this planet has some purpose, honey. We can’t just assume that we’re on a wet rock being flung across an infinite void for nothing, sweetie buns.

Door #2

Too many people bring the latter for a lift, ya see. They hear the first choice and give out their whoops for as long as they see fit (or however long the applause sign stays lit), only to lose their shit when they see that second prize. Never in their lives had they before witnessed Continue reading Door #2

I’m Not a Doctor, I Just Play One on TV

Seek a professional consultation if you’ve recently become exposed to cynicism, as effects can be immediate. Long-term results have yet to be obtained by our experiment, yet our current level of research in the subject exceeds anything we could have possibly expected at the outset of this excruciating six-week journey full of paperwork and less Continue reading I’m Not a Doctor, I Just Play One on TV