D: I’m fed up with this place. I’m tired and alone.

O: So you’re just going to forget to acknowledge my presence?

D: I can’t believe you put up with me.

O: Well, it does get difficult sometimes. Come on, you don’t honestly feel like a crotchety old hermit. You’re 22 years old.

D: That’s my body’s age, yes. Based upon the accumulation of my worldly experience in this life, I’ve concluded that being a cynical old fart is really the way to go.

O: But if you really mean that, there’s nothing I can do.

D: It’s my life and my decision.

O: So you won’t mind if I jump off a bridge.

D: You wouldn’t do that.

O: Why do you care?

D: I don’t know, but I do.

O: Is this the classic Dickensian change of heart, Mr. Scrooge?

D: No, I just don’t want you to hurt yourself. Fuck everyone else.

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