Edna: Blunder into this, you old coot. Phil: Who, me? It wasn’t me who smashed up the Buick last week. Edna: You’re a coward to bring that up, Phil. Phil: A coward? have you called me that yet today? Edna: Probably once or twice. Phil: Edna, I want a divorce. Edna: I know, that’s part Continue reading Kerfuffle


Monk: Are we building something? I swear the girders weren’t here yesterday. Thistle: Hm, don’t think so. You don’t have any paint. Monk: What’s paint got to do with it? Thistle: Good question. Let me ask my thesaurus. Says here a girder is like a beam. Monk: Oh, well that changes everything.

Oh Dear

I seem to have burnt my envelope, oh dear. Now how could that have happened? I rolled out of bed, put the iron on a curtain, then oh… Now the house is gone. Family too. Went to Pittsburgh. I have to clean this for myself. Well, I’ll probably just hire someone; a contractor with a Continue reading Oh Dear