Folksy Ties

Ever more dissatisfactory than the wrought inheritance brought forth by bankruptcy of character, our thoughts of Swiss cheese benevolence really have no bearing on what it means to be a profitable avocado salesman in this neck of the woods. Don’t get me wrong, I have long-espoused numerous methods for informing individuals of their folksy ties Continue reading Folksy Ties

Thanks, Dad

“Parallel entities befit madness, my son. “You should never turn your back on those other dimensions our forward-thinking predecessors have been touting for some time now, or your attention will lose its cosmic importance, the aggregate of local souls gradually easing you out of their observational patterns–though it’s the last thing they would do if Continue reading Thanks, Dad

Waking Lives

Informally wedged between a significant mile of alterations and a limitless power of inventory tallying, my golf ball’s normally-understated carryover floundered briefly–the northern lights had obscured my vision, rendering my lie-finding skills ineffectual on this particular fairway (perhaps I shouldn’t have made a habit of getting in a tight nine after midnight, but free golf Continue reading Waking Lives

Wooden Spoons

Double up the foundation dust, trouble finding lurky lust while wincing under beveled falls; egregious concertina riffs agree with Wes (our father’s postman): the passion never does leave the feet. Snowcapped griffins found asylums rich in iron, poor in aprons. Mythology holds no place in institutions of higher psychology. Where reprimands come for assurance, our Continue reading Wooden Spoons

Very Few Individuals

Untendered through dire circumstance, Felicia done bit the enlarged peregrine bug burrowing under Frenchie’s Bakery on Hydrangea Court, six exits from the McDonald’s on Nash. Myself, I tend to bite the largess of the enraged siren-watchers (from the circuitous balcony-tenders on their vacation from daily toiling in the everglade-type peat bogs in lower Georgia (very Continue reading Very Few Individuals