Stream 9

Flanking the misogynistic brooch is an insecure medallion, gaudy, cumbersome, more valuable than it’s worth. Do I hear an opening bid? I most certainly don’t. Well people, I don’t much blame you. These things are hideous. But in all seriousness, let’s give it the old college try. Save the Volcanoes can really use your generous Continue reading Stream 9

Stream 8

Half a heifer to the man who can provide the whereabouts of the golden sombrero. Not talking? Okay then, a quarter heifer to the man who can muster the courage to admit his pigheadedness. Not confessing? Okay then, an eighth of a heifer to the man who can swim to the bottom of this lake Continue reading Stream 8

Stream 7

Grammar means no stammers or howling uncle slippers, unless you count the wreckage burnt by eager melodies. Even so, the palatable few cease whacking at the weeds long enough to marvel at what happened to free orthodontia. Gnaw forever on that single thought and you’ll lose recognition as the first bold scoundrel cheap enough to Continue reading Stream 7

Stream 6

Before the rain diminishes and leaves a puddle here, I’d like to let it swirl around, become a memory of hamster balls and chimney sweeps, beholden to their work atop the food chain, hesitating, bitter and obscure. Something told me you were here; I doubt it nevermore. A thicker wheeze ensconces me before I blow Continue reading Stream 6

Stream 5

Tethered pistons yelling grief and gilded tattered fungus chips to the elementary linkage, smartly aligned and chopped through the useless night. These are the loftier goals of our people, healthy and vigorous ones, and yet, the tumbling hasn’t left our eyelids, if we’re lucky we’ll catch a cold. Outwards and progressing, starboard forward and sandpipers Continue reading Stream 5