“Wild West”

Slammin’ the fit-o-deena–ground lengthwise across a bawdy expanse of thneeds (which everybody needs)–we took our serenades elsewhere, confident in our knowledge of the occult (i.e. the back-stabbery and latent overall treachery that sorts itself out over the course of dozens of generations) and its ability to stall disbelief as one would when faced with a Continue reading “Wild West”


Zen Shoe Rodney eats wherever he wants for only a dollar, never tips less than 1,000%. Zen Shoe Rodney always walks on air. God’s KneePod plays only the classic hits from the comfort of just below His exalted lap (lap construction brought to you by the good and hardworking deities at God-Be-Built Enterprises). Only one Continue reading ZSR


Tree inhabitants incorporate pidgin into their daily doings, dramatically increasing exchange-related transaction speeds while reducing neighborly kerfuffles. Friend–can I call you friend? Friend, I have no business prognosticating, much less evangelizing. However, I do need to get something off my chest: fleas appear to have invaded my scalp’s furniture collection. Odd how they went straight Continue reading Razzle-Dazzle