How many twelfths do we need to fit into a sixty-fourth’s meatball hammer sharpener? The answer may surprise you. For you see, not too many efficient affluent fling mellifluous melodies, seldom slaloming on slip ’n’ slides. The humble technician patiently asks: why must I lose my trains of thought on the bus, instead of losing Continue reading Impression

*AUDIO* Quick (Tasty) Morsels 3: No-Equity Limbo

NO-EQUITY LIMBO Interest only reigns with the crack of that candy rope whip on the back of an immigrant jelly bean. That’s all the interest we can afford at this time, and our sweet tooth will just have to wait. Don’t you understand? This is crucial information we’ve come to obtain, and it’s important that Continue reading *AUDIO* Quick (Tasty) Morsels 3: No-Equity Limbo


Well, what can we really do at the end of the day, aside from stapling our sorry sacks to a sphincter of solidarity? Ooh, that’s nasty. I shouldn’t be unleashing such filth when children possessing such youth are within earshot. I remember– back when I was a child–when that kind of filter just wasn’t present Continue reading Plane

Tempered — Pre-Primaries, 2016

Tempered by the blunt end of a stainless steak knife, throttled by a lack of anything interesting to say– say, how’s that weather? Primary’s coming up, don’t trust any of those clowns; the whole system’s downright screwy anyway. Can’t get behind those corporations parading around as individuals, CEOs making their dirty millions. Can’t keep up Continue reading Tempered — Pre-Primaries, 2016


No frills; we must tend to the squandered beef on I-94. Its recent turn to uselessness in the eye of the discerning omnivore stands in line behind a factory’s striking rendition of a human, chimney stacks puffing away. No more bandying Comanche warriors duking it out for second-class status; Uncle Sam saw to their dissolution Continue reading Squandered


Full, rich dunwoody grey Eisenhauer beetle nuisance contraptions– nether regions never unlinked. Stoneworthy boysenberry preservatives prattle on for the sole purpose of gentrifying the least-suspicious ones of any given group: those righteous pioneers of evangelical milquetoastery who never fail to make straw hats look more elegant on anybody but them. Straw hats, beanies, pork pies, Continue reading Milquetoastery


There’s a piece of gentle wood on that tray, name of Rockefellon: Nomad Juggler Extraordinaire. He currently traverses the water chestnut fields of Animosity Central, the ironically-titled decentralized milieu for spatially-challenged graduates of spoken word school.


Delirium be me middle name, aye. Ye may also call me the grossest, most indefatigable shroom tripper, spawned from the native egalitarian egret something or other in combination with a spokesperson for our most advanced bleach formula, now carcinogen-free!* *New carcinogens are being discovered every day, and we cannot guarantee your safety beyond the scientific Continue reading Delirium


“Turn strange, fair beefeater,” Curtisson mentioned on the car ride over to the museum. “Your toner-rich inconceivability leaves behind the tragic old misconception of the garlic-laden bindling-gebaut, untold though not unmade or unmasked, undeveloped, penning the pennies through the portrait of a golem in trouble with the law.” Is that man’s law or God’s law? Continue reading Beefeater

*AUDIO* Quick (Tasty) Morsels 1: None of a Your Beeswax, Sonny

Here’s the first of a series of revisited poems that are read without commentary, very minimally. I found difficulty with the podcast format, confining myself to just the extended recording. But then I realized that people enjoy variety, and I enjoy working on a variety of styles on a regular basis, never restricting myself to Continue reading *AUDIO* Quick (Tasty) Morsels 1: None of a Your Beeswax, Sonny


Tiny little jubilants toss paint chips into the rat-faced fire as their attempt to reap the benefits of social currency. Judging by their naiveté–they’ve only just entered the space quite recently– it would seem they’ve missed out on the initial burst and are plunging into an inescapable trough of national debt (god bless them all, Continue reading Scribbles

Poignant Pen: Person of Interest

The biggest, most poignant pen writes the antithesis of the expected, the unadmired, the people with lives expressed as a religious or spiritual experience, embarked upon out of necessity to insulate from the severe segregation and disintegration of a marginalized people that fucked up our entire species, ethically and genetically. *** Speaking truth is necessary; Continue reading Poignant Pen: Person of Interest


Stu has an irreverent tone to him today. Was it the pineapple liqueur we plied him with before the road trip to Tijuana? I guess it could have started there, but the tequila probably sealed the deal. Whatever the cause, this man certainly doesn’t know the meaning of off-switch. He’s off, don’t get me wrong Continue reading Stu