How many twelfths do we need to fit into a sixty-fourth’s meatball hammer sharpener? The answer may surprise you. For you see, not too many efficient affluent fling mellifluous melodies, seldom slaloming on slip ’n’ slides. The humble technician patiently asks: why must I lose my trains of thought on the bus, instead of losing Continue reading Impression

*AUDIO* Quick (Tasty) Morsels 3: No-Equity Limbo

NO-EQUITY LIMBO Interest only reigns with the crack of that candy rope whip on the back of an immigrant jelly bean. That’s all the interest we can afford at this time, and our sweet tooth will just have to wait. Don’t you understand? This is crucial information we’ve come to obtain, and it’s important that Continue reading *AUDIO* Quick (Tasty) Morsels 3: No-Equity Limbo