Service Station – 21:58GMT

What’s that? Oh, just a trainsquatting parallel service station ruminating forethoughts of rubbish, only to behold what everybody thought they’d lost oh so long ago. It varies, but the general longing is for innocence and chocolate ice cream. Tomorrow becomes yesterday, and fantasy splits from memory. You put on your corduroy pants and striped shirt, Continue reading Service Station – 21:58GMT

Scrounging – 22:19GMT

Tan bird on a moonlit knife, scrounging for what seems like confidence or at least a shillelagh to the scapular. Fiddle faddle addles paddle rattles with a temper-mounting groin strategy. Blistering topology steps on a wounded grape, howling towards nothing in specific, tunneling through yankee skulls. Heather squelching underfoot, we feel bound to our destination, Continue reading Scrounging – 22:19GMT

Indiscriminate Minds – 06:37GMT

Indiscriminate minds mold old pita bread while extolling the intricacies depicted in The Lorax– just as a matter of fact. No time like the present–built into the inscrutable molting pattern– for a splash in the unsalvageable concrete turnstile lifestyle, no matter what our compatriots might mouth in opposition. Hell, you could go for a while Continue reading Indiscriminate Minds – 06:37GMT

Grooves – 14:41GMT

Dig the grooves– fixate raw emotion; orange teleprompters stimulate senses, falling down through the psyche. Pen failings, orangeness essential in the plunge to crusty bits of exploded massacres amongst the windfalls of intoxicating merriment all boiled down to one endeavor at one single point in time, hopscotching on the lines of external graphics. Internalized choosing–who’s Continue reading Grooves – 14:41GMT