Inward-flowing trigonometrists burgle fine-toothed angle pushers on the twentieth day of their self-imposed exile from the land of mathematics. Nowhere near the crime is there a scrap of linen, the trademark of the now oft-emulated original perpetrators. The copycats don’t seem to mind perpetuating the need for a police state, it’s likely that their cheetah-spritzing Continue reading Eggheads


Harsh indiscretions ring true when skipped like stones across cooling lava until they sink into the molten rock. “My windmill powers all of Northern Arkansas, and I can prove it! Just drive across the state (east to west) and stop by every gas station you come across. Kindly tell the attendant that Stanley F. sent Continue reading Communities


The asiago bagel lamprey is my nuisance of choice for the moment, the epitome of a rational raptor transgression through a commencement that lasts longer than the first half-life of a carbon isotope.  In the best of all guest house rupee movements, flower stagnation cements the freelance settler in place, one foot frozen, hovering above Continue reading Outdone


Tenderloin scruples dust our tenacious otter friends all the way through the tendrils of paradise, slipping under starved mineral formations long enough to glimpse the hooey etched on their facets by a possessed quartz fragment. Five for a dollar in this flea market, shards of landscaping quartz may not be used for the backyard (at Continue reading Quartz