You can’t overdo something of this magnitude–a poem, a thoughtful greeting card, a pinky in the eye of your oppressor–or you’ll stick out like a sore thumb on the hand of a timid librarian perusing the stacks and suffering several paper cuts. Overachieving can only lead to disappointment later on, when you can barely stick Continue reading XIII


Until we’ve all taken siestas on each of the seven continents, nobody will have the authority to say what should and shouldn’t be called opera. Just try to take a nap in Antarctica without any shelter, I dare you. About midway through attempting to drift off, you’ll lose function in your extremities, with your limbs Continue reading XII


Twizzling little tickling twinkles splash individual fare on the clowns falling all over 18th street, Sunday after the hourless Friday-Saturday conundrum where teeth gnashed in pleasure and trumpets blared the anthem of the Bohemian state of mind. Forty-eight ticks left the weekend scratching its head and biding its time until the wrecks emerge from the Continue reading XI


Give me that impression of a youth in trouble with a decision to make that will shape her life and the lives of innumerable voting persons, and try telling me that the swamp of egregious warfare has a purpose. You know–as well as I–that a natural feature has no business existing if its very nature Continue reading X


A glimmering smidgeon of hope has stalled the collapse of our grand society, through the execution of a well-phrased debate that should –by all measures–sway the undecided and worry the supporters of the crass, unprepared and otherwise unsavory candidate who spits rhetoric and bluster, pretending to exert authority over an arena completely new to him. Continue reading IX