The Sun filters through canopy leaves to impose a tinted pinto pattern on a utility vehicle, two-hundred some-odd horses neighing under the hood, expecting imminent metal pedaling and waiting in July heat for their concrete cowboy to unhitch them from the curbpost after picking up the second load of dry-cleaning in as many days.

The Dawn

Tunnel through a portal leading past dungeons, underneath a dragon both juvenile and mature enough to know the difference between a swordsman and a cake-making grandmother when both tap on its shoulder looking for attention solely because a mythical reptile shouldn’t be taking up three lanes on the interstate, much less signaling to passing motorists Continue reading The Dawn


Bent, twiggy-licking finger smidgeons hover tomorrow, but not when the ice cream truck stalls on the corner. Never when the ice cream truck frets and coughs on the corner. But you know the time has blossomed when those rats reach out for their most prized trash heap findings; you know that time reached full flower. Continue reading Cringe


When the pigeon-toed astronaut wannabes decide that their way up the ladder is through a series of elaborate hoaxes, that’s when you need to jump in there and take a penny for the thoughts of every person on the planet–and whomever has happened to colonize the moon by that point. Because at least then, you’d Continue reading Ladder

Our End

While we’re at this interstellar reception hall, we should take the time to tell all our friends what we’re doing this for: the peculiar sense of freedom and wonder that takes off like a goose through the heron-streaked gates of our overlords, be they earthly or heavenly. It doesn’t matter who takes the cake in Continue reading Our End