I left a lighter in the side pocket of one of my favorite pairs of pants. Now, which lighter and which pair of pants? I don’t know. There are dozens of possibilities, and I haven’t cleaned my room for three weeks. For all I know, I won’t be able to find what I’m looking for Continue reading Lighter


“Dutiful tin cups push us all into the water hazard that houses several above-average octopi who hide until disrupted by our splashing.” You lapse back into languagelessness after you’ve come up with a decent sentence regarding the state of the universe. Since you’ve now done your job for the day, you can sit expressionless in Continue reading Basking

Magic Mink

I’ve always said to myself that he’d make a fine coat if worn during the autumn months, draped across my shoulders. He would also make a fine blanket around that time of year, depending on the form he wants to take. He tends to surprise me with his various interpretations of shape. I just worry Continue reading Magic Mink


I left a seed (a kernel of truth) behind in the busted old car that’s been put out to pasture near a grove of lemon trees. It won’t be long now before it finds a place to sprout and make that hollowed-out corpse of an automobile relevant again, at least to the bees.