Why should a couch matter when all we need to do is unearth the twelfth installment of a well-read publication from before the dawn of the internet? Sitting is the last thing we should be contemplating. Even contemplating the idea of contemplating sitting is boring as all get-out.

Sidewalk Banana

When you behold the average sidewalk banana, you wonder if it’ll bounce when you throw it against the ground. But you dare not touch the fruit; who knows where it’s been? If you were braver, you’d pick it up and eat it.

More Tambourine

Jimmy, Telly and Cliff stand in front of Jimmy’s open garage, stiff after hauling car parts around. “We need more tambourine,” Jimmy said with exasperation. Telly looked at Jimmy quizzically. “We don’t have a tambourine.” “What kind of a band doesn’t have a tambourine?” “We’re not a band.” Telly snuffed out his cigarette with his Continue reading More Tambourine