A Bit of a Challenge

We all needn’t shatter our mouths on such unworkable jawbreakers, there’s no cause for that activity. I’m afraid of losing my teeth, so what we shall do is clear. We’ll scrap all that candy and get some beef jerky, as we still want a bit of a challenge.

The Previous Tenant

The previous tenant didn’t paint the walls before leaving. You can see the outlines of picture frames, hung before the paint had a chance to dry properly. This person is always hurrying here and there, and can presently be found lunging at trees in the park, playing a game of chicken they can never win.

A String

A string with the personality of a human strikes under the weather, through the phases of life that pull at its core. Elegantly twirling through stories of its origin, it plucks and harmonizes with itself in a grand gesture of goodwill. Nothing is finite for this string, it sees existence as a stroke of light Continue reading A String

Local Experts

Mississippi and Misterssippi found a baby in their breadbox one morning. Nobody could tell them how it got there. Local experts thought it could have been smuggled in, but why the breadbox of all places? Everyone was stumped on that.

Stuck in Bed

It’s a skinny shame that our streusel’s stuck in bed. There’s no chance of getting it out now, no jaws of life will suffice. Every pore of that Egyptian cotton is contaminated, and you’re kidding yourself if you think your sheets will ever be the same.