Oh, No

It came past to never or not in the eyes of the big one in the sky, but that didn’t quite do it anyhow anyway, now did it? Oh, no. You can’t get away that easy around here, mister.

Rat Tippers

“Where do you keep your rat tippers?” “I keep my rat tippers with my cow flippers, in the back-right corner of the pantry next to the party fixins. Why do you ask?” “I really need something to get these rats off my case, especially because of this ingrown toenail I have. I can’t risk being Continue reading Rat Tippers

Anything Too Green

Before nightfall, gather wood for, at the very least, a rip-roarin’ fire that will last through daybreak. No sense in freezing if we still have blood flowing through our veins. Just don’t get anything too green, or the smoke will howl with the dying breaths of those we burn tonight.