NaPoWriMo 2015 — X: Digress from the Logical Path

If you were to equate greasy rocketmen with my finger’s propensity to bend at a right angle, you would likely lose your audience. Forget about all the logical connections you can make with such a pairing (believe me, there are many!). To adequately explore the significance of this analogy requires an astute willingness to digress from the logical path most folks care to walk down.

If you were to equate greasy rocketmen with my finger’s propensity to bend at a right angle, you would only just begin to realize the true potential of your comparative energy, so branch out!

Some things to be explored would include:

Rats vs. Omelet Pans
Cubic Zirconia vs. The U.S. Constitution
Penn vs. Teller
A 1956 Buick Skylark vs. Your Mom

Do you see what I’m getting at now? It doesn’t take a genius to understand how much of the universe can be uncovered when you compare two otherwise unrelated things.

NaPoWriMo 2015 — VII: Element of Surprise

Boron is an element
of surprise
(to me at least).

Take a caper and toss it
into the lake, and
what do you get? Litter.

Stitch together
a frame of bumblebee polish
to hyphenate round regret
in perpetuity (for posterity).

Jimbo is a very old soul,
but chooses not to show
the beatings he’s endured
just to come back
and take them again.
He’s more enlightened than that.

NaPoWriMo 2015 — VI: The Underwritten Malady of our Species; Proper Neighborhood Etiquette

Sigmund Freud
told me in a dream
that all things are

to be the way they have always been
for the sake of humanity
and the underwritten malady of our species.

I took his words

more as anecdotal than anything,
and continued
washing the windshield of my car
with vigorous clockwise scrubbing patterns.

Those damn birds will never understand
proper neighborhood etiquette.

NaPoWriMo 2015 — V: For the Paradise of the Ganges Stallion

Stencil in the fairy mist Tarzan aroma
for the paradise of the Ganges stallion.

We may not signify just what it is
that allows us to circumvent the traditional symmetry,
but we can try, can’t we?

No, we mustn’t try,
that would only cause heartbreak
and serious malaise for a time
where we do not understand the nature of things
as they should be, constantly unfolding
(beyond our control and happily flawed).