Shall We? Myes

I say, that was quite the stimulating conversation. Let’s have another in due time, shall we? Myes, that would be lovely. Quite lovely indeed, though I do wonder as to the suspicious nature of your scarf. I hate to say it, but your scarf appears to be made of live pigeons. Oh, that’s on purpose? Well, I applaud the originality, though it surely doesn’t limit the number of diseases you may experience as you live the rest of your life. Pardon me while I make an excuse to get away from you.

A Schizoid Fragrance

I heard a jumbled tango champion
stumble on a feathered turtle,
and judging from my confusion,
I had quite a bit to reflect upon.

It felt like a schizoid fragrance,
but I hadn’t come to my senses
until it was too late to tell–

No matter, we all do what we wanna do
and let it float insane (only for a time).
Then we fold it back and stuff it in our pockets.

You Have the Pilgrims

Taking a test really only means that you have the pilgrims to thank for your present state of malaise. Merit-based systems come about as a means for overcompensation for the lack of otherwise sensual behavior that would be prized by our species’ most relevant ancestors (you know, the few dozen individuals who managed to survive drought and famine in the motherland before finally deciding that enough was enough, subsequently migrating northward, settling what is presently known to be Europe and Asia, parting ways with those of our species who’d chosen to head south and colonize what they’d hoped to be a more verdant Africa).

Remain in Vogue for a Time

My time has been taken up by too many random memories drifting past like an onion ring through a garbage disposal in the chancellor’s maid’s footservant’s second kitchen sink. Though the circumstances may unfortunately account for wind resistance, there can be no mistake: our glorified patterns for unconventional squeegee methods can only remain in vogue for a time long enough to shout blasphemy from all rooftops (aside from that meddling Johnson family’s).

Hem and Haw

It would seem as though all of everything may be seen by a significant portion of the population for any number of seasons and reasons. I can’t quite explain why, though I can hem and haw for a while until you start ignoring me. I can filibuster with the best of them when I absolutely must, so don’t make me resort to such drastic measures.

Oh no, I can see your eyes begin the glazing process! I was going to go easy on you, but you clearly deserve a harangue for the ages.

Or you can get up and leave. Yes, I suppose that’s your prerogative. Well, have a nice day.