The well-adjusted, socially-conscious representation of Man’s better half is fully cognizant of just how shitty a person he really is, but she can’t help hoping there’s some way to change his behavior in a permanent way. She’ll undertake a relationship as a challenge, a ceaseless battle to be fought until: a) she wins b) she Continue reading Love

Shrug and Go

Everything falls on top of everything else in the waystation of our shattered consciousness, building pressure and adding weight where a sane person would shrug and go about the day as though uncompromised by circumstance and accumulation– aware of the fact, ignoring it for progress [or so they say].

Unlit Cigar

There’s nothing like constantly haranguing the world into submission with your evocative words and pro-life agendas, especially if you wear tailored suits and carry an unlit cigar with you wherever you go.