Stepped on and Wrinkled

You just held
your principles
close to your chest,

I can see your face
glowing with pride.

But you must be aware
of the unstated law
you just stepped on
and wrinkled.

Turn around,
get the steam iron.
You’re fixing this one.

I’ve seen too many folks
disregard the situation;
I’m sick of it.

Maybe I’m guilty
of doing the same,

that’s not for you
to judge at the moment.

Something Slurpy and Salty

We built a castle from marshmallow rock,
the rarest of edible materials.
I’m tempted to eat it, but then
our investment would be swirling
around in my stomach.

Just tie my hands behind my back,
I can feel hunger pangs coming on.

You can feed me some soup,
something slurpy and salty
that’ll tide me over–

until the brigade comes
marching up the block.
Brigade comes marching up the block.

Essayification 2

I build up my expectations for what I’m supposed to write; what’s supposed to flow out of me naturally and with unmatched novelty. But guess what. I get stuck. It’s not my lack of ideas, but the unwillingness to devote my entire attention to them. It’s not even unwillingness, it’s the unconscious telling me that I don’t deserve to express myself any fucking way that I want.

That is one of the most harmful things I could possibly do to myself. And what’s worse? I do it all the time and pretend not to care.

I have talent. So what? Why do I let that stop me? Will I embarrass anyone who has less talent than myself? I might inspire them to do better and act in a way conducive to building their own self esteem while I gain a sense of fulfillment.

Wow, what a crime that would be! Displaying my talent and knack for uncovering emotion could cripple the egotistical, and wouldn’t that be a shame?

Of course there are better practitioners than myself. But they didn’t reach that level of their craft by undermining their own efforts at every turn.

Frankly, I’m amazed that I haven’t completely sworn off this whole thing called writing.

But you know what? It’s not my decision and it never has been.

Aglow with Their Ignorance

There’s never enough time
to get your brain quite in shape
for the ruckus you think you’ll be making,

but isn’t that the beauty of a weekend
in the city, full of tourists
and misinformed pedestrians?

You see them wander, aglow
with their ignorance
of the proper rules of the road.

But they’re having fun,
and that’s all they can do
with their addled brains
in the hot Summer sun.

Their Scope Graces Friends

There’s an agent belonging to change
at this very establishment! I can’t
quite configure the software setup for it,
but I know there’s untapped potential.

If I bring it up to a shrewd individual,
I need to make sure that I trust them.

An idea is just an idea, but a business
is capitalism seeing potential to exploit
that idea for material gains.

And that is where a visionary
differs from a profiteer.

Can the argument be made that we’re both equal
when exploitation has the floor?
The person with the deepest checking account
gets the final say in development.

So they take what they think
makes the biggest improvement
in the lives of those they understand.

Their scope graces friends and immediate interests
satisfied with keeping it in their own back yards.

This is the plague of the ignorant people
whose parents made industry what it is today.
They live with their privilege taken for granted.

Å Meets A

Å: Excuse me, do I know you?

A: You do if you want to, but I can’t put my finger on where I’ve seen you before.

Å: The park?

A: You’ll need to be more specific. I go to… I go to many parks.

Å: Kennedy Memorial?

A: Odd time to talk about fallen presidents. No, I haven’t gone.

Å: No, the park on the west side.

A: Oh, right! Uh… no, haven’t been there in… ever.

Å: Do you even go to parks?

A: When I feel like it.

Å: Which is when, exactly?

A: When I feel like it.

Å: I’m starting to think I don’t want to know you.

A: Wait, please. I’m just trying to entertain you with foolishness and show you that my earnest side is actually quite pleasant.

Å: How does foolishness show me that you’re earnest?

A: Look at my eyes.

Å: They’re greenish brown.

A: Hazel. Like yours.

Å: Mine are bluish green.

A: Still hazel. I’m an expert on the subject.