The Overwhelming Supposition

The overwhelming supposition stands as an indefinite struggle, though melodrama does nobody any good these days, save a few entertaining blips of stifled criticism met by indolent sarcasm and meaningless banter. Is this the vast majority? I feel isolated by my critical thoughts; is there any use for constructive negativity anymore anyway? Seems most folks Continue reading The Overwhelming Supposition

Apostrophe Bells

Bring it on from dusk ’til dawn; we rendezvous at the stellar transmission. Kindly, full-hearted apostrophe bells understate global warmth, ever warming. Hold us accountable, creative director– we can always see where we went wrong. Swimming up through our old molasses pits, It’s time to kick those habits with a steel-toed boot.


“It’s a great part! How many times do I have to tell you? The fact that you’re not listening only aggravates my rage. Will you take off your headphones? Hello?! Hey, these things are stuck to your head! Did you glue them on? Are you so spiteful and petty as to purposefully ruin a perfectly Continue reading Glue