Hovering 2

A soggy beach ball wedged between cotton sheets spreads noiseless destruction when left unattended. It’s hiding from a magnified truth, something once folded that now imposes a grapevine of extra-strength aspirin. Semi-deflated and drumming with concern, slippery when wet; always cornered, cowering from preconceived needles.

Arboreal 1

Stalactites still lack tights and make Superman blush. Suspended, drooling–more powerful than a locomotive. Air France lost seventeen of its planes last evening. They’ll show up eventually, they always do. Setbacks? You lose a couple dollars, you spring back with a chip on your shoulder. Go get the dip, dearie.

Hovering 1

Silent gopher modules grind a bearable decision, tornado grumbling affidavits bristling on a desk. Forever where the wit of windows concentrates adroitly, a cavern stumbles through a platform’s pumpernickel chest. Similar to a plate of corn-fed double bacon burgers thrown against the wall to land upon a bed of watercress.