Revolution 2

Passion is a dagger in the heart of a cynic. Toward a greater identity, you say. Ha, lifeless drones can’t comprehend the magnitude of a spiritual upbringing. Humanity quells all fears, yet politics throw absolutes into squalor. Fuck them. Speculation falls into tar pits and degrades into history. Launch thought through unbridled optimism and see Continue reading Revolution 2

Revolution 1

Benefit those who tell you that a living consists of undeterred servitude, because you see into the reasoning that drives their rationale; when you take your opportunities to advance the ever-loving system that they claim to have perpetuated, you undertake the responsibility of pulling the burden of human perpetuity to the necessary climax. You throw Continue reading Revolution 1

Tarmac 3

Make up situations and watch them fester in corners where little Billy dumped his dead frog last summer and Jill took that old spoiled yogurt and threw it in disgust and it splattered on her face and got in her eye and she began to cry–not because she had stinging culture in her cornea, but Continue reading Tarmac 3

Tarmac 2

Laugh at the endeavors of a poet. They’re too idealized, infantile, idiotic, idiosyncratic to be real and applicable in our modern society of vast civilization and designed scarcity (not to mention obsolescence). A word will change with its people, a poet will laugh at those people in a different language. Laughing through words proves difficult Continue reading Tarmac 2

Tarmac 1

Temporary insanity paves the way for innovative dramatizing, and the function of all those waves colliding seems to be inextricably linked to the number of molecules contained within one jar of honey. A single jar is all it takes to begin a revolution, though often times it’s shattered and gouged in a counterproductive manner. Why Continue reading Tarmac 1