Too Far

There’s never an excuse for laying it on too thick unless it’s completely out of necessity, and then since you have to go for it, you have to push it all the way or anything else will seem entitled and reek of insincerity. You have to be so sincere that it hurts, or your point Continue reading Too Far


The mockingbird takes its time in preparation. It sings its little heart out with borrowed tunes. Tumult is the only way to describe it. The burgeoning crisis that resolves itself if only you can relinquish its pound pound pound. Where in the world is there a break? Is a break even real? There’s no stopping Continue reading Question


Flash photography captures the stingiest faces. Fluorescent bulbs flicker in tired corneas. The dirt needs a friend. It’s dry. Institutional, sterile, narcissistic and lonely. It’s dry. Crusty, burnt, shallow, immediate and sporadic. It’s dry. Duchamp, Zappa, Einstein, frustrated and aware. It’s dry. Creation takes time. The dirt needs a friend.

New Energy

In the recent past I’ve considered myself a bit of a pen aficionado, always on the lookout for the magical utensil that will write and draw the ideal letters and lines every time. Now I believe I’ve found that pen, and it’s cheap enough that I’ll never be long without one (if I ever let Continue reading New Energy