Make It

Synthesis breeds more synthesis, but requires an initial push. Rolling creativity into production– a steam engine warming up until the wheels glide due to previous spins and more energy would be spent to stop it than keep it going–production.


A hundred year-old tree trunk stands fast like cement, rigidly prepared for encounters which may happen once in a hundred years, its existence dedicated to braving probability and boring its roots through porous earth wide as its fragile canopy and deep as its constitution allows. The odds of lifting this tree by the roots are Continue reading Centenarian

Cosmic Debris

Poetry comes from the notion of explaining why things happen, whether or not they base themselves in reality. Often times, these things happen due to human intervention, but some, less deterministic and headstrong, detangle the web of cosmic perception and show what happens as it happens and for the purpose of its happenstance, regardless of Continue reading Cosmic Debris