My intent for this blog is to introduce people to my poetry. I enjoy writing and reading it, so I think other people will enjoy reading it as well! If you’re curious, my style is mostly stream of consciousness, and I love connecting things that wouldn’t normally be connected.

I’m currently a junior writing major at DePauw University (down in Greencastle, IN), and this past semester, I made the resolution to designate poetry as my passion. With that existentialist dilemma behind me, I’ve begun to make life decisions based upon my future as a starving artist. I figure a career in editing or copywriting may suit me best, since English probably won’t let me cheat on her (the overbearing mistress!).

Now that we’re nice and familiar with each other, let’s get crackin’ on some poetry!

Swivel Rights

Mannequin rest is a sign of weakness

and cheap plastic.

My staff at Sears believes

that since they look human,

they should receive pay and benefits

like my employees.


I have to keep telling them

that they were built and purchased

for the sole purpose of displaying garments,

and I’m not to blame

for their poor quality of life.


How am I supposed to provide

services for company property?

I’ve tided them over by letting them form

an in-store mannequin union in the basement,

but until they’re legitimate,

They’re not getting a red cent from me.